Kiruna Mine in Swedish Arctic: Innovation Technologies and High Productivity

A delegation of senior technical managers form a number of Russian and Kazakhstan mining companies and Kunaev Mining Institute of Kazakhstan visited Kiruna Mine, the largest and most technologically advanced iron ore mine in Europe, on 3-8 September 2016. The delegation went down 1350 m into the mine owned by the Swedish company Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB during the visit organised by Transeuropean Centre Ltd with the assistance of the leading mining consultants Golder Associates as part of a seminar on Cave Mining. Senior representative of the following companies made presentations at the seminar: LKAB, SRK Consulting, Atlas Copco and ABB.
The seminar was attended by senior managers of the following companies: Donskoi Mine – branch of Kazchrome, Eurochem, Kovdorski Mine, TOMS-project, Eurasian Group, Kunaev Mining Institute of Kazakhstan, Kola Mining Company, Norilsk Nickel Mining Co.

Photo 1: The delegation at LKAB Kiruna Mine

Photo 2: Technical Presentation at ABB, Kiruna