Bio-resources trade in Norway. Fish exchanges, e-trading and auctions

Transeuropean centre Limited in conjunction with Sberbank AST trading floor held an industry event on Norwegian expertise in trading of fish and other bio-resources in Bergen, Norway on 3-6 April 2916. A Russian interest in the issue is underpinned by the recent agreement on establishing a fish exchange in Russia signed by Sberbank Chairman German Gref and Sakhalin Region governor Oleg Kozhemyako.

Bergen in Norway was the logical choice for the event as it is Norway’s fishing and fish processing centre and location of Fish Pool trading in salmon futures, Nordes Sildesalgslag and a cluster of fish processing companies.

The event feature a round table at Nordes Sildesalgslag, visits to the Fish Pool, INKA AS processing factory and a typical fish farm in a Norwegian fjord. The event was attended by senior representatives of Sberbank, Sberbank AST, Sakhalin Regional Fishing Industry Association and a number of Russian fishing fleets.

Photo 1 Igor Bystrov and Dmitry Nesterov, deputy Chairmen of Sakhalin regional government, Victor Smirnov, Deputy Director General Sberbank AST and other members of the Russian delegation visiting a fish farm.

Photo 2 A visit to INKA AS fish processing factory

Photo 3 Salmon processing line